Audits and Diagnostics

Be empowered in your decision making when it comes to fix or replace

We have been supporting the battery and charger manufacturers with independent service and advice for years and our experience of lead acid battery and charger systems is second to none.

Therefore we have the knowledge and experience to empower you for a wise decision when inspecting and auditing your batteries.

Our battery checks provide:

  • Accurate battery state of health for fleet planning
  • Correct charger matching for best battery performance
  • Battery load testing

In addition we use the Batcom battery service and indicator tool which provides:

  • Full data logging for all charge and discharge cycles
  • Event logging recording battery and charger behaviour
  • Temperature sensing and recording
  • Electrolyte level history

The Batcom service tool gives accurate battery history and performance data which enables us to predict your batteries future and advise the necessary changes to your battery fleet .

Tool Checker BT - Audits and Diagnostics