Mr & Mrs P

Posted January 23, 2020 in  Batteries | Environment

Earlier on this month Battery Technologies were able to visit Mr and Mrs P, in Bath. They have been busy building their new home using our batteries, with our product they have been able to power the whole house.  The home is not connected to the grid, so this means that they have no electricity bill and they also source their water from the ground below them. Ultimately their home costs very little to run and means they have a much smaller environmental footprint. Being off grid also means that they don’t experience the power outages that can occur with being on grid. This system can also be installed anywhere as long as there is sun.

solar2 - Mr & Mrs P

Our batteries are at the heart of off grid systems that use solar panels to capture energy from the sun and convert to electrical energy. The electrical energy is fed into the batteries via the charge controller for energy storage and converted on demand into AC power via the inverter circuit. The DC power from the batteries is inverted to AC power and is used to power the electrical circuit in the home, power for life.

solar1 - Mr & Mrs P