Lithium Batteries

Motive Power Lionic

Lionic for the next generation in stored energy.

Lionic produced by our partners Benning in Germany provide us with the lithium option for your material handling needs.

Benning is a name synonymous with high quality, superior technology and longevity.

With over 4000 units in operation throughout Europe, Lionic is proving to be the safe and secure route to dependable maintenance free power.

  • 20% reduction in energy consumption
  • 3000 cycles – double the life of lead acid
  • Maintenance free – no topping up required
  • Fast recharge – 2 hours or less
  • Reduction in truck fleet and fleet running costs
  • Less batteries required
  • Opportunity charge safe
  • 24v and 48v available
  • Fits into the existing battery tray and plugs straight into your machine

It’s the power behind the hybrid car and the full electric EV and is now available from Battery Technologies UK for your warehouse equipment.

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