Quality Affordable Traction Chargers

Benning Power Electronics have chosen Battery Technologies UK as their partner for UK charger sales and service.

Building on the strong foundation of reliability and cutting edge performance, the range starts with Tebetron Puls for low cost performance and lengthened battery life due to the Puls characteristic.

  • Lower input currents due to higher efficiency 85%
  • Robust casework design
  • Full charge history download possible with USB
  • Lower battery maintenance
  • Lower battery temperatures
  • Longer battery life
  • Fully backed UK wide warranty with onsite service
Tebetron - Chargers

Latest Belatron high frequency chargers have a reduced size and reduces your carbon footprint further with 96% efficiency. Belatron is fully programmable for all battery types.

  • 96% efficiency
  • Charge curves for all battery types including gel and Lionic
  • Compatible with Batcom for effective battery management
  • Multi voltage programmes
  • Fast charge version available
  • IP 54 version available with full CE marking
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