Posted January 6, 2021 in  Company News

Welcome to 2021!

Although 2020 did not go as we all planned, here at Battery Technologies, we were fortunate enough to be able to stay open for business as usual. We have had the chance to stop and reflect on how we would like to enter this new year.

The definition of an ‘anchor’ is a device usually used made from steel, attached to a vessel by a cable and dropped overboard to grip the bottom and restrict the vessels movement, stopping the vessel from drifting. Essentially keeping them in a desired place and making it safer for both the vessel and its passengers/cargo.

In biblical terms, anchors are used as a symbol of hope in Jesus, that gives us stability and steadfastness in life.  This is also linked to Hebrews 13:8 where it says that Jesus remains the same yesterday, today and forever. Therefore, him being our anchor.

We think we can all say that one way or another we have slightly drifted away from things. Whether this is relationships, our purpose or things you have once loved doing, we really encourage you to use some time to reflect on 2020, we were able to achieve so much even though we were under a global lockdown with intense pressure. We gained many new customers, we formed a partnership with Philadelphia scientific, which is an amazing brand to be working with and our apprentice completed her course and has now moved into the role of head of all digital and marketing,

look at what you are anchored to, see what you DID achieve and now focus on what you can do to better yourself, come back to what you love, and improve in 2021.