Topping up

Posted December 9, 2019 in  Batteries | Education

Maintaining water levels:

Batteries are topped up to maintain the strength of the electrolyte. As the battery is used, its water content decreases and this needs to be replaced to keep the battery working to its full capacity. It is also really important that the water used is distilled so that there is no trace of contamination. When customers have an issue with their battery, on most occasions it is a result of over or under topping. This then results in the battery either drying out and becoming unusable, or overtopped meaning that the acid strength is altered and therefore affects the batteries performance. 

 To make things easier and to avoid batteries being ruined due to lack of care, battery autofill systems have been created to help save batteries and help prolong their life. Autofill systems can be fitted to the battery with eyelets in the caps to ensure that each cell is filled enough and means that there is no reason for the battery to be overtopped. This autofill system helps prolong the life of your battery and decreases any chances of the battery becoming unsafe.

Here at Battery Technologies we offer our services to supply and fit these autofill systems to keep your battery happy and to prolong its life to help your business run smoothly.

IMG 1363 copy 1 1024x768 - Topping up
An example of an autofill system.