Meet Grace

Posted April 1, 2021 in  Company Personnel | Meet The Team

Meet Grace! our head of digital here at Battery Technologies. We thought you would love to meet her!

Grace joined us part time in 2018 and started working full time in July 2019. Grace initially joined through an apprenticeship programme in digital marketing, which she passed with flying colours!

Prior her marketing role with us she studied A-levels locally in Bristol, these were; business, graphic communications and health& social care. When completing her studies she decided to follow her creative passion and launched herself into the world of digital marketing.

grace img 719x1024 - Meet Grace

At Battery Technologies Grace has gained basic admin skills, has widened her knowledge of media and the impact it can have. Grace has even been able to participate in jobs with engineers while on site and has been able to make new connections and build new relationships. This has given her a deeper understanding of what we do here at Battery Technologies.

As well as creating, editing and maintaining all of our digital content, Grace has also been filming and editing for croft’send church. Battery Technologies was able to ‘loan’ her out as extra support during the worst of the pandemic. In full lockdown no one was able to physically attend church. However Grace was able to work with a small team of volunteers to create services online that enabled everyone at home to still be able to participate and feel a sense of community in worship. In her spare time, Grace has set up her own YouTube channel that we have linked below for you to check out. We are all looking forward to when that is officially launched.